Hills and Valleys Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Lord’s Supper

1 Corinthians 10:16, 17. What special blessing do we receive as we share communion with our fellow believers?

1 Corinthians 11:23-30. What does verse 28 say to you?

Matthew 26:17-30. Communion is a time of reflection and self-examination, (see verse 25). On a scale of one to ten, how important is your relationship with Jesus?

Revelation 3:20. Why does Jesus want to eat supper with us?

John 6:48-63. What did Jesus mean when He said, “we should eat His flesh and drink His blood?”

John 13:1-17. How does it benefit us to wash another’s feet?

The Lords supper was the last lesson Jesus had for His disciples before the cross. The evening started with Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. This shocking lesson in humility was critical for a proud group of men who were to start the largest religious movement the world had ever seen.

The bread and fruit of the vine symbolizing Jesus body and blood was given to us to replace the Passover meal given to the Hebrews in Egypt. As the Passover symbolized the deliverance from the slavery of Egypt; the last supper symbolizes our delivery from the slavery of sin.

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