Hills and Valleys Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Law Of God

Matthew 19:16, 17. What did Jesus teach us, that we must do to enter the kingdom?

Exodus 20:1-17. What would the world look like if everyone kept these 10 basic instructions?

Palms 40:7, 8. What does it mean for the law of God to be written in your heart?

Matthew 22:36-40. What does verse 40 mean?

Deuteronomy 28:1-14. How does God bless you when you keep His commandments?

Matthew 5:17-20. The Law and the prophets was the term used for what we call the Old Testament. Where did Jesus stand on the law?

John 15:7-10. What is the core reason for obeying the commandments and keeping the covenant with Jesus?

1 John 5:3. How can following Gods commandments be easy?

Psalms 19:7-14. How does the law convert the soul?

We are saved by grace. We cannot do enough good works, obey enough laws or attend the “right” church in order to be saved. We are only saved by Jesus Christ.

Obedience to the law of God is simply a result of being saved; it is the fruit of grace. We give ourselves to God knowing that we have a sinful nature and cannot trust our own thoughts; instead we put our trust in the mind of God which is revealed in His word and through His commandments. Jesus says, “If you love Me keep My commandments.” John 14:15

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