Hills and Valleys Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Great Controversy

Matthew 8:28-34. What do these verses tell us about the battle between good and evil?

Revelation 12:4-9. What was the location of the first war and what was the result?

Isaiah 14:12-14. What are some of the results of Satan’s rebellion?

Ezekiel 28:12-18. How is Satan described in these verses?

Genesis 3:22-24. Why did God separate Adam, Eve, and us from the Tree of Life?

Romans 1:20-32. What does verse 20 mean?

Romans 5:12-21. What effect should the free gift of eternal life have on our lives?

Romans 8:19-22. What picture does verse 22 paint?

The controversy between God and Satan can be described as a choice between selflessness and selfishness. God’s perfect universe is designed so that everyone, including God, loves each other more than they love themselves, thereby everyone’s needs are met. God Himself proved His sacrificial love for us through Jesus’ death on the cross. Satan, on the other hand, tried to introduce a self-serving model into God’s perfection and drew a third of the angels into his cosmic error, along with the human race. The final nail in the coffin of the satanic self-serving theory was the cross where, in order to serve himself, Satan must kill the Creator, the giver of Life. Think of it. If Satan could kill God, nothing would survive, not even Satan! Case closed!

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